Appearances are Deceiving

I don't like what you see when you look at me

or what anyone else sees for that matterit isn't what I want to put out into the worldI don't want my scowl of disapproval to be what the world sees, I want my warm heart to be center stageI don't want you to see my odd figure I want you to see the intricate twists and bends within my mindI don't want you to look into my eyes filled with pain I want you to see my burning soul I'm trying so desperately to showI want to be remembered as the girl who fought her inner demons and wonnot this broken, lost, frail simpletonI want to be seen as a phoenix not a pathetic finch with a broken wing and crooked beaksee me for what I am, and who I am trying to beignore my scars and stretch marks, I know they're therejust see meplease, just look at me

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