Dark, curly, hair, wet with beads of sweat

A proud smile spreading across his lips

Eyes scan the sea of jumping bodies

"Apollo!" the crowd screams, "Apollo!"


Muses harmonize in the background 

He strikes the electric with a loud chord 

Bringing the people up from their seats 

"Apollo!" the crowd roars, "Apollo!"


Calloused fingers poised above the strings  

Apollo plays a riff at lightning speed

Excitement spreads like waves through the crowd

"Apollo!" they start to shout "Rock on!" 


Then comes the end, then comes a still pause

The strings quiver and softly hum a tune

A delicate voice succeeds the strings

"Apollo," they whisper, "Apollo." 


A heartwretching, personal ballad

Tears prick the eyes, emotions spark and flow 

Each note prompts a longing for more love

"Apollo," they plead, "Sing on my dear!" 


Confetti bursts forth, the lights fade out

The people trickle out, their hearts beat on  

Silence and gentleness fill the dark

"Apollo," they repeat, "Apollo." 


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Our world
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