Apis Work Ethic

Five to seven weeks

I’m hoping for past 80 years for me

Designed with a purposed

I had to find my own


Five to seven weeks

I was scared I wouldn’t make it past 20

Has more control than you think in the hive

I was scared I would lose control of myself


Five to seven weeks

I was stressed all the time

Caregiver, housekeeper

I cared more for others than myself


Five to seven weeks

I felt like my life was falling apart

Females that work hard, do EVERYTHING

I want to be like that…

I WILL be like that!


Five to seven weeks, is all that black and yellow insect has

Five to seven weeks, to care for the queen, the drone, the larvae, housekeeping, collecting pollen and nectar, making wax

And they do it all

A work ethic I aspire to have


On average I’ll live 78.69 years

To accomplish the goals I set for myself

Grab ahold of the dreams that I believed became out of reach

Like a worker honey bee

Working hard, no time limit

Five to seven weeks

On average 78.69 years

It will become second nature

The work ethic of a female honey bee

A new characteristic has developed in me


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