Aphrodite's kiss

You ask me for the definition of love

One complex word tangled in laugh and tear

Four letters beckoned by the angels above

To dance in the white sky with heaveanly cheer


To define, my hand fumbles with the pen

For no ink smeared sentences could posses

The passion stirring in the hearts of men

A realm in which few are granted access 


On book pages I found many answers 

Synonyms: care, adore, affection

No agreeance amongst loves advancers 

Although throughout there is much inspection 


Life long I went with out locating key

Searching outside of the heart but not within 

Then Iris sent a message to the gods for me

Zeus ran the rainbow through his fingers 

Seeing the scholar in his books

He sighed and sent my answer 


She stood there on crowded street and looked at me

She who calls me softly with closed eyelids

Amidst the masses all that I could see

Her glass eyes of break-ability 


Smiling against Apollo's sun

With Aphrodite lips

On this earth, a heaven given to me

And she is love to me

This poem is about: 
Our world


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