Sat, 04/15/2017 - 20:08 -- lyd134

There are these things called color spectrums,

Though I’m not allowed to tell you the colors that are in them.

Black or do I have to say African American?

White or do I have to say Anglo Saxon or Caucasian?

I have to specify the different types of Asians.


How do we no longer have definition of gender,

But we define ourselves by our born skin color?

This is the future. How didn’t we know,

We went back in time to the world of Jim Crow.


It is a rumor that people want world peace.

How can that be when there is a daily war of the words in our speech?

Racism could have been a problem of the past,

But history repeats itself, and this time won’t be the last.


Whatever happened to the words of Mr. King?

His famous speech beginning with “I have a dream

Where my children will not be judged by color, but by their hearts.”

Racism continually tears the earth apart.


We let it break us and divide us.

Even though Rosa Parks helped begin the boycott of the bus,

America learned nothing.

America is weakening.


America the beautiful and America is great,

But how can the state of our nation survive in the state

That it’s in? No matter what humans say

No one can truly win.


America is the land of the free and the brave.

Ironically we bind ourselves by the words we say.

Our courage only comes out behind a computer screen

Because once it’s time to stand we suddenly have no feet.


Color and ethnicity do not define us.

We are blank slates and blank pages.

No matter how dark or light we are colorless.


We call ourselves Africans, Asians,

Germans, Indians, French speaking Englishmen,

But that is not the case.

We are together, we are one,

We are the human race.


The 21st century begins Racism: The Sequel.

Majority and minority need to see they are all equal.

Everyone including the small babies and the humanity creatures

Are not seen different in the eyes of the Reaper.


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