An AP European History Teacher

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 21:03 -- Hmsm227

I sit and wonder

What my life would be like without him.


My AP Euro teacher from sophomore year

Taught me many things other than history.

He taught me it is okay to express my feelings,

And that having an emotional breakdown is not uncommon.

He taught me that I should never give up,

And that I will always bounce back to my normal self.

He taught me to stay true to myself,

Even if people may say I’m weird, or annoying.

He taught me to understand others,

Even if I perceive them to be ignorant or stubborn.

He taught me to be patient,

And that in due time things with fall into place.

He taught me there is no situation that is out of my hands,

And that I can always do something to make it better.

He taught me to always be kind,

Even when people change or become cruel.

He taught me to never lose hope,

Because eventually there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

He taught me to understand people's stories,

And to appreciate what others have done.

He taught me it’s ok to indulge myself in fantasy worlds,

But to never lose sight of how amazing my reality is.


After all this time he has taught me so many things.

I hope I taught him some things too.

And it pains my heart to know one day I will no longer be able to see him everyday,

And I hope we can continue our friendship;

Because ultimately his wisdom and kindness keeps me level headed and sure.

What he taught me will stay with me forever.

Thank you, Mr. Birriel, for changing my life forever.

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