Anxiety(Lucky I Know Jesus)


Daydreamin' about slammin' my head against the wall,

Cuz i got bills and tuition due before this comin' fall,

i am nauseous with anxiety,

All i've got is half a penny. 

It gets hard when scholarships for the middle class are rare,

And SHE said my loans SHE will no longer share.

What am i to do? Take a break? 

What's the sense of putting in the full three years and for the fourth i must wait?

my brain can't take this clawing for an answer short of a miracle.

Money Mutual has me wishing on all the stars that twinkle.

Each day and every night i'm close to suicide.

i can't ask for help, because i'm too full of pride.

No no no, there's just no one i can depend on,

HE said HE'll try but i know HE's no magician with a wand.

Can this be my life? 

With my faith I believe I'll get through this plight.

Well what am i to do?

Become an employee at Déjà Vu...

No I have too much class to show people my @$$,

But again what am I to do since I got no cash.

As i lose myself concocting a get-rich-or-die plan,

I remember a MAN with THE plan who never loosens HIS grip on My hand.

HIS name is Jesus, oh is HE sweet.

With HIM at my side I'll stay strong on My feet.

HE carried Me from the beginnin',

and HE will be there in the endin'.

Today is not the day to roll Valencia's credits,

It is the day of celebration when I realize I have no limits.



Deja Marshawna Anderson

Thats right, remember that everything has a reason and a season, think rich postive thoughts and debt will not overcome you.Keep believing in Jesus and put his name on everything.


Thank you Deja! I know to some people it seems corny or too much, but it is the only thing keeping me sane right now.

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