Somehow out of this bright, illuminated room a fog began to seep in.

It began like a low, slithering snake,

then rose up and swallowed the space whole.

I couldn’t see,

I couldn’t hear.

A high pitched noise drowned out any wavelengths trying to escape my mouth.

A weight pressed down on my chest, stopping my breath,

Crushing my lungs.

It seemed everything around me was moving.

But I was stuck in my own tracks,

Darkness and chaos.

A mass was lodged in my throat.

My heart was no longer a metronome of even, stable beats,

But a morning doves call.

Sudden and alarming, silence for a second,

Just enough to relax again,

and then awakening once more.

I was agitated and afraid.

Waiting for the fog to pass.

Once it did,

those minutes felt like hours,

and I was left with nothing but exhaustion.

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