Anti Love

I cannot write to you about love because as much as it is darling there are many other issues to eradicate, For instance my best friend was shoved in a closet for hours due to him humming. He couldn't control himself either,see that's what autism does. It doesn't allow you to stop doing actions with a drop of a hat, oh no but that didn't stop, Them. Them, the "well rounded educators" who are specifically given the task of taking care of the most marvelous boy I had ever met, and they treat him less than a human.  While you're partner didn't remember your 4 month anniversarythere is a girl in Syria who is longing for an escape, and while you sit and rant on social media about how we are not the world police and "why should we care", her parents and siblings are lost to the arms of uranium. but yes of course, this newly made orphan is not going to acclaim help for she could be a threat to us all, so let her rot because it's not our job to stand for those who cannot.  While your significant other doesn't text you back, there is a black mother trying to explain to her children that it is better to keep their hands out of their pockets.  I am sick and tired of people complaining about "love" problems when all i'm seeing is heartbreak. 


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