As I look to the sky, my thoughts dwindle

the clear blue eases my mind with no effort

I close my eyes as the blue and grey mix

smelling the sweet air of rain, i smile.


I think to myself, what belongs with more

without the habit of change and time?

the was answer was clear with little disgrace

the dark side of the ocean, cold with black


Change will happen with little force

even the expected will confined in self

time can change those with no watch

even with warning from the little voice


Try to listen with empty thoughts of hell

the voice will lead you to your blackness

to your own ocean with cold, hard answers

with wide eyes, you will see yourself truly


After years of listening with no standing

the answers will sway with the trees

to the north or the south, the truth reddens

as you turn in for the night, the answers float. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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