I sit in my bedroom,

Legs crossed on my bed.

The air outside is warm

But the breeze is cool.


I dream about the willow trees outside.

Their branches dancing in the nighttime breeze;

They pitter-patter on my window.


My mind floats around at peace

And then…


*Ring Ring.*


The phone lights up at my feet

Interrupting my peaceful thoughts.

I’ve been ignoring him all day because

He wants me to meet his parents.


We fought yesterday

And if I don’t answer

He’ll come to my apartment…

*Phone goes silent*


It’s the next day

And I hear a knock on the door.

I cry for weeks;

I loved him and messed up something great.


Two years later…

And I see him with his new wife.

I still love him.

That could have been me;

I wouldn’t still be lonely… I scream…


Then I snap awake.

Awake from my daydream;

My husband looks over at me,

Gets up from the couch

And holds me by the window…

By the willow trees…

By the phone… Thank God I answered that phone.



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