Another's Eyes

I could never survive
Without another's eyes,
Without a different view of the world
Than my own.
My gaze would turn inwards
And rest only upon the flickering light
Of my soul.
A soul that is born
Blind and unblemished
By the colorful rawness of the world.
A soul that teaches me nothing
Of the nature of my fellow man.
Only another's eyes
Can help me become whole again.
I must see the pain of loss
Through tear-blurred lenses.
I must feel another's eyes widen
As they recall dazzling landscapes.
I must feel another's eyes soften
As they gaze upon a loved one.
I must see through the fractured looking glass
So I may not trod down the same tormented path as another.
But most of all, I cannot survive without another's eyes
For my soul and theirs meet
For the first time
When our lenses intertwine.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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