Another way of dying

They took our pastures of greener grass in exchange for bibles
Evictng us from our homes
Leaving us to wander
Pass our seas and into boats that can barely manage the breeze

We wander in the wind
Where to land where to fit in
How to disguise the fact that we came from the ...

We put our tongues on pause
While we worm our way into small spaces

We dress like them
We paint our smiles with Mac brushes just like them
We walk like them
We even eat like them
Neglecting our fufu for fries

And so we swollow the African pride like it's something poisonous
Not knowing that holding our breaths
Forbidding the escape of our accents from our own mouths
Was another way of
Slowly ...

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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