Another Reality Check

I'm black but why does that matter I'm human too 
I'm a male but why does that matter I'm human too

I say I'm human too but Its always a way I'm a outsider with a problem 
But reality prep me 
Why does the world have to test me? 
Is it cus my family not whole 
Cus I have a father that left me 
Well thanks dad 
For teaching me nothing 
Only thing I learned 
When things get tough you run before they see you coming 
But I grew up and accept that 
Everything is OK being a man is something you're not best at 
Why take it out on me 
I didn't force you to be my father 
I really didn't have an option to be here 
But you proved the world right 
That a black man can't do right 
We're always the bad guy 
Even when we didn't even start the food fight 
White man gets set free 
What bout us? well, that's 6 feet deep in forever sleep where no one else hears us... no peep 
Long dream of what could be 
But why tell it when no one cares and all of sudden a land of billions of people you still feel lonely 
But these statistics and equations try to control me 
But I'm not gonna stress 
It just hurt that my mom have to worry bout her son being "next"
Everyone says its all about respect 
But sadly we haven't seen that yet 
Right now I have a pen 
But to them its a tec 
No one cares 
Only thing that matters who's the next president to elect 
When men and women are dying 
If I said life is good man I'll be lying 
Young but I'm really trying 
People say they are angels but I don't see nothing flying 
Only thing flying is something insane 
A bullet with no name 
And result another family crying absorbing all the pain

This poem is about: 
Our world


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