In Another Life


In another life,

perhaps I may have been a different person.

Perhaps I may have come out long before I had in this life,

or perhaps I would have hidden forever.

I would not know,

and I truly do not care to know.

The life I live suits me,

and how could I have honestly done it differently?

I draw,

I game,

I listen to music until the sun comes up.

I watch horror movies and anime.

I have a best friend who lives with me,

and I choose the digital universe over the real one any day.

I may die tomorrow or maybe never,

but I never want to know the date.

In years to come,

I dream to create the games

that I lost myself into as a child.

I will sketch out a new world

that only I can truly understand.

I could very well have chosen to be more social,

to go out

and maybe be an astronaut or a fireman.

Yet I choose to live my life alone,

with few close friends

and my art in my hand.

If I left the world tomorrow,

I could smile at the life I have led.

My only wish is this:

World, please do not forget me.

I have no problem with death,

but for me to pass out of memory,

I may as well have never existed at all.

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