Another Good Samaritan

The time has come once more

To race for a royal position

Much harder than it was before

The skills must be in superb condition


The race is not an easy one

You have to survive through thick and thin

There is no thought of it being fun

If you believe this, you'll surely win


A nobleman and his beautiful, young horse

With armor made of crafted, expensive gold

Finally approached the course

In his hand is his sword, he continues to hold


Soon after approached a poor man

With a horse no younger than fifty

His plastic armor was made by hand

And his sword was rather thrifty


More competitors approached soon after

With nicer belongings than this poor male

The crowd shouted in laughter

As they compared him and assumed he would fail


The king and queen approached the throne

That oversaw all of the activity

The sun was bright and so bright it shone

All started to bow at the king's divinity


The king bowed his head to signal he was ready

And so the jester put the flag in his palm

The entrants were at ease and held their swords steady

As they were ready to finish and become calm


The flag was thrown up and the steeds took course

And the nobleman swiftly took the lead

The poor man fell far behind because of his horse

It fell to the ground because its legs were in need


The nobleman spotted this and turned right around

Because he had felt a deep sorrow for that poor guy

He left first place and last place is what he found

The nobleman knew what to do, so he gave it a try


The nobleman fixed up the poor man's horse well

And the poor man hopped on his horse once more

His horse was better; the nobleman had done swell

The nobleman got his horse to reclaim what he had before


The nobleman finished with first place

And unbelievably, the poor man with second

The nobleman got the royal position for winning the race

And the poor man was happier than he had reckoned


See, the poor man won something that day

The lesson that there are some who offer a helping hand

The poor man left the race, financially, the same way

Yet, he learned power comes if you stop to help a man


Copyright 2014 Isaiah M. Williams


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