Into Another Dimension In A Dream like State

What makes me melancholy,

just chemicals in my brain,

experiences that I've had,

the way my life is arranged,

how can we escape,

these chemical monsters,

in a world in my head,

where there are angelic choirs,

synthesized noise, with

distorted living dead,

how are we able to play situations in our mind,

and things we could have said,

There must be a world a human would not know,

there must be a cold hearted source

to all of this pandemonium,

Somewhere there is an answer, I believe it so...

Is there enough time to find out

why we are present on this planet,

and why emotions runs through our everyday lives,

the answer must be kept so far away.

what happens when we die,

is it simple as a shut of the eyes,

do we go to another dimension

or another dreamlike state in the sky,

Can we see life as a being.

When it is your time,

will his prescence elluminate to our eyes alone,

and the feeling that is you who he has come

for will hit you like a point blank shot to the



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