Another’s Reflection

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 00:09 -- MaxJ

Not long ago, did the cosmos seam to shake

And disclose to me my own perspective.


I looked into a mirror

And saw my face,

My eyes, my hair, my skin.


Then, in nothing short of a miracle,

I saw another.

No longer was it my face,

My eyes, my hair, my skin.


The following month saw me enveloped in joy,

For I had seen through the eyes of another.


But slowly the world grew larger,

And in the same knowledge,

I found darkness.


In a world with millions mirrors reflecting billions of faces,

I came to terms with my irrelevance.


And in this very futile feeling of irrelevance,

I found sanctuary.


For the centuries of faces that came before me

Had suffered and felt unimaginable pain.

Even my faults, my weaknesses, my pains

Were as insignificant of that that I had come to see in my reflection.


But as I stated, this epiphany led me to sanctuary,

For the seemingly monumental pains and weakness holding me back

Became insignificant when viewing my life from another’s reflection.

I no longer saw reason to feel the petty pains of the billions that came before me.



Though life’s purpose evades us all,

I can’t help feeling as if it has something to do with seeing another’s reflection.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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No one is irrelevant

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