My given name is Caralia Renee Panizzon, if that wasn't glaringly obvious. I am a Pantheistic Christian hailing from Iliff&Chambers, Aurora, Colorado. Since the age of five, I have been gifted with prophetic dreams and mediumistic tendencies. My gifts have made me a target, pariah, confidante, advisor, guide, True Anarchist, mentor, renegade, messenger, conduit, and many other wondrous relational labels. I have been likened to everything from "the devil with tits" to "Josephus reincarnate." Pretty wide spectrum, correct? Regardless, i am doing exactly what I was advised I would be doing this time this year..singing around NoCo and on a much lighter workload.

As a sworn employee (for lack of a better title, as I am a Servitor of another, however we'll let the politics of it all slide for a minute), of the Archangel of War, my last Holy duty involved infiltrating and breaking up a sector of one of the most prevalent satanic drug trafficking organizations in the world, here in my home state. This event left me without home, food, or sanity for a while. Luckily, that is no longer the case, and it is indeed miraculous that I survived this ordeal in one piece, especially as an infiltrator. Others were not so fortunate, and may their battered spirits find respite. So to clear the air on the whispers and worries that I may be cult-active, this is in no way,shape, or form the case, and the synopsis I shared is where that came from. Yes, I have found peace in this life of singing of simplicity that has been mine for the past year after the assignment ended. In lieu of the personal tragedy, I have gained more than I could have ever imagined...

When in meditation, I asked whether I should tell my story, or "just forget about it," as many have advised. The answer I received, quite loudly and clearly, was "Shout it Loud and Clear!" Hence the name for this community came about. My vision is that eventually this will phase away from a mere Facebook group, and become a standing symbol of solidarity in the Colorado community and beyond.

My unique gifts and abilities, as well as natural affinity of attraction in regards to phenomena and anomalies, have often put people off, understandably so. Consequently, my social circle is rather small and scattered, and I tend to be reclusive. However, I do have certain "haunts" that I frequent over time. One of them being your friendly neighborhood library.

No matter how unique or "outcast" the story, struggle, goal, or individual, we all need and deserve a place to fit in and belong with freedom from fear. I hope that in this group, others like and unlike me can find a sanctuary, social platform, network, connection, and the sense of community, kinship, and love that has been cultivating itself in my own life as of late. Comments, questions, input, and stories enthusiastically encouraged and welcomed. 

Lastly, I have a few notebooks full of these... However, I would like to share my latest incident of divine correspondence with you all.



Child, once again you have surpassed the expectation and astounded Me with your capacity, intellectual prowess, and dextrous mind. I am no longer intimidated, as your servitude is set in stone. Thr throes of the war that plagues Our fellows have not yet subsided. In time, this will change. Upon your next task. Impressive, a century after the edict is the last time somebody of your cronos has succeeded in reaching the capital Mist. Do not disclose, there are many who will scoff and sling muskets while you are on duty. I presume you will find the next set of stones cast even more entertaining til the last. You answered the call with precision and zest, Welcome Home. Claim it. You know what was sounded?



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