Animated Ability


Powerful and mysterious,

Intriguing and fascinating,

Art captures beauty and provokes intense feelings

Scooby Doo makes me laugh

Kiki's first flight filled me with awe and wonderment.


That's my dream job

Make art comes alive, animated

Art increases our appreciation of beauty

Art enhances our enjoyment of life

Art contributes significantly to our entertainment.


Art promotes awareness

Art instigates change

Without art, life is barren

Without art, life is tedious

Without art, life is passionless.


That's my dream job

Design characters that entertain

Design characters that influence

Design characters that inspire

Design characters that relate.


Attend SCAD

Intern at major animation studios

My creations will impact lives

My creations will capture passion

My creations will inspire enthusiasm and dedication.


Help audience escape troubles

Convince audience to help

Children are the future

Child mortality overlooked

Too much suffering and lack sensationalism.


Triggers spark to motivate viewers to help children survive

Provokes their thoughts to search for solutions

Galvanizes them to spread the word

Incorporates into children's education

Creates new generation with awareness and willingness to help.


That's MY DREAM JOB!!!


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This is beautiful, and I share the feeling for art. Good luck! :D

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