Angry Scripts

I've been told, sometimes you have to see the good in the things that have hurt you the most
But it's painful
Trying to find the positive in a model that reflects everything negative
So I make a T-Chart
List everything good on one side and everything bad on the other
Approaching pen to paper with all good intentions
But a minute into writing, my heart feels heavy with regret
And my mind is clouded with words that are coming too fast
I press down my ballpoint with rage
How can I forgive someone that has hurt me?
I should damn them and leave them for a pillar of salt!
But an earthquake emerges, followed by a flood, followed by a drought
And withered up beneath me is a single page
Never deserving of my punctuations and sharp exclamation points
The page is the victim
As I stand, panting in my emotions
Trying to find the clear air and calm winds
One side of my page is heavy with fury
While the other is light with empathy
I ask God to forgive me
Bless me with deliverance
So maybe, I can find the gravity to forgive others



It is difficult to forgive the people who have hurt us, but you are definitely making the right move, writing about your feelings, because doing this may help you realize how you should handle a certain situation.

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