Angry Black Man


United States
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The Black man stands strong on the slave block being
ridiculed and torched similar to King Jesus.

Day after day he is always in a mental chase always
pleading his case.
He is being thrust to the ground by the master with
angry sounds.
As his soul is being tormented with conviction that
curses the progression of his life aggression.

In spite of this, he stand firm like the King enduring
the pain and affliction as he waits patiently for the
creator’s benediction.
He refuses to bow down to wicked demands even after
witnessing the burning legacy of the cross on his land.
And the laceration of his skin from the whip as they
strike him again and again.
While the blood drips persistently from the palm of
his hand as he is chained.

Yet he holds onto the ethics of his creator’s words as
he cry waiting for a blessing from the sky.

His spirit thirsts for hope as he is being denuded of
dignity and serenity.

Still he fights desperately not to taste the bitterness
of the bigotry brim as his soul become grim.
He is being inflicted with treason deception, and
sanction from places with invalid reasons.

Yet injustice continues to reign as some black men
carry the tormented cycle with child neglected,
imprisonment, captivity, despising their brother in
ignorance killing another.

For he must know he holds the key of a historic legacy
of his laboring deeds and ceases the mental genocide
of his seed.

The historical journey a black man faces is a message
of experience he should embrace.

A Black Man’s life experience is almost parallel to
Christ that has undergone worldly strife.

(c) By Naomi Johnson

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Soulality Naomi Johnson

This poems is about the trouble Afro-American face during slavery time.

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