Anger-Don't Let It Consume You


So much anger.
Anger that lashes out and finds its pleasure in raking its fingers through my heart.
How do you calm a raging storm, when the storm isn't willing to listen?
How do you stop it before it tears you apart?
How do you explain when it only makes it worse when your tears glisten? 
But how can you not try to, when the anger is what's keeping you from each other?
When the anger is what's consumed your other half...
How can you abandon your brother? 
Each attempt you make is as unsteady as a new born calf
But you have to try 
You don't know if you'll gain some or lose more than you can handle 
But you can't let your relationship die.
You refuse to let it go out like a candle
But how do you heal an open wound that refuses to seal 
Sure the pain will leave a scar 
But that just makes the struggle real
We all have our paths to walk and I'm willing to go far
The only question is, will he let his anger go?
Or will he be consumed? 
Hopefully we can clear our slate to be as newly fallen snow
My only regret is that I assumed
That I assumed that love would win
Even after all our hardships 
I never thought I might lose my twin.


Rachel Bulko

I feel the same way about my sister. We have had rough patches, since she was very sick at one time and resentful of everything. She's my closest friend.

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