Anger is Danger

Anger is…
It’s a cruel thing that hurts
Rather than help
It causes wars
It causes sores
It causes people to act out violently
When they should be acting passively
Curse words, punches,
Bruises and cuts
Blood and lost trust
Words you can’t take back once they are released
From your unrelenting mouth
You lash out at your loved ones
And ones dear to you
You are blinded by rage
So much that you can’t act your age
People crying
People lying
People dying
People sighing
Anger is danger
You choose to go to anger
When you should be a changer
The anger hurts
It’s the worst
It causes high blood pressure
And health disasters
You can’t let the anger go
But all you are doing is losing your soul
Your heart turns cold
Your soul burns into a fire
Every time you become of anger
It damages you
It damages us
Anger is danger
Stay away from it
Or you will lose all of this
Your soul, your health, your loved ones, your friends
They will be gone
You won’t be able to right the wrong
You won’t have a chance


Stormie Shadle

picture is my own


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