Anger Is Like An Acid


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A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility.

Anger, is like an acid black and bitter
Equal parts memories half-faded and
Dreams like vinegar
Eating away at the foundations of your morals
It will dissolve all recollection of anything you ever loved
Bubbling, hissing, and spitting until all that’s left of your old life
Is unrecognizable sludge
Anger, is like an acid black and bitter


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

terrific metaphor using anger to acid
very creative piece of work
keep writing-expand your ideas even more


Loved the adjectives hissing, bubbling, and spitting. Great use of those adjectives to create great imagery.

Keep writing, this is fabulous.


Love it. It's true 


Great job, very true


"And "don't sin by letting anger control you." Don't let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a foothold to the devil."-Ephesians 4:26-27.

Basically, anger will end up ruining your life for you will end up letting the Devil control you to do bad things or commit sins. You not only hurt yourself, but you hurt others around you. 

The best thing to do before or during your anger is to cool off. Count to 10 or 100 or go take a walk outside to go get some fresh air and the anger off your shoulders. When you cool off, go talk to that someone you trust calmly and respectfully so that they can know what is or was bothering you. If they accept your words and everything between yall is good, forgive that person and move on with your relationship (whether it be a family member, boyfriend/ girlfriend, friend, or husband/wife). Unfortunately, if they do not accept (listen to you and come to a compromise-like solution) after you were being honest and respestful to them, not angery, it is probably best that you think about cutting the relationship off for that person doesn't truly love you for love is kind, patient and open to change. Im not saying go and dump your boyfriend/girlfriend you have been with for several years because they wouldn't listen to you vent about the sandwich they made wrong for you. NO!!! I'm saying examine your relationships ( the pros and cons) before you cut them out of your life completely. Most times, anger can be resolved with a little break, some talking, forgiveness, and some love.

"Love prospers when a fault is forgiven,..."- Proverbs 17: 9. 

Basically, with love the things in life or the people we are mad at can be forgiven and anger will vanish out of our systems. Without anger, it causes the Devil to not gain power over us to make us easily sin and makes our lives full of love and happiness... not an "unrecognizable sludge" that comes from anger not being controled. God bless you dear friend for revealing angers great power to ruin our lives. May God allow you to continuously write poems with such realistic, honest meaning in it. 
Keep writing on my friend:)!!!

P.S. Please check out my poems.


This is very cool :)


It is true. Anger is like acid:

Destructive, beyond our control,

Yet so powerful that its temptation to mankind--

In our hunger for strength, control--

Overpowers our fear, and we try to contain it.

We try to keep it, to use it.

Even as it always does harm, we keep it close

And try to change it, as always it burns us

And corrodes away our treasures.

We don't notice

Until everything is gone.

The acid has taken it all.


You have caught a spark of truth here.



So much true........

I agreed with it


Ooh nice poem.


Solid poem man.

Trevon Davis

This is a wonderful poem. Good job

Jan Wienen

That's just the beginning ...

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