Anger of The Accused


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Father, You are great and calmed my distraught soul,
I blindly lost sight of You and gave in to an unrighteous righteous anger oh God.
I let satan get the best of me,
Lord I know I was honest in my utterings,
Yet I was struck down and accused for a falsehood I did not commit.
But oh God as I was struck down I flailed about in a sinful fashion and allowed anger to consume me,
Yet You passed through my anger and spoke,
Not with words but in spirit, and showed me myself, and my falling away,
My breaking, no allowing myself to break under persecution,
I mourn for my soul Lord for which I have tainted,
Yet You deign to make me clean again.
Lord forgive me and help me stand strong through this persecution.
For though at first I committed no falsehood,
I fell in the trap of accusation, and though I knew my pleas would never pierce their hearts I didn’t stop,
Rather I grew louder and more shameful in my defense,
Making the guiltless guilty,
All I wanted in that moment was love and understanding, forgetting that You love me and know my heart and the truth oh Lord.
Yet I forsook You and tried to make man think me righteous,
And left Your love,
Your understanding,
In the dust You created me from.
But oh Lord, You are love.
Forgive me Lord and though I am being separated from You,
You are never separate from me.
Thank You God,
And help me stand strong through tribulation.
Make me as gold through the flames,
And though the world comes against me and I sometimes long to be a part of it,
I am separate for a purpose that You have for me, a hope for me to look to, and a future for me to live up to.
Lord I love You and I praise You,
Truly Lord,



This is an incredible idea! You've taken something very personal to you and put it into a poem for others to read. Believe me when I say that I understand how much courage it takes for one to write something such as this poem and then release it for others to read. You have truly done an incredible deed!

However, this poem reads similar to a bed time prayer or a saying of grace and although I can never be completely sure of your intentions, I am confident that if you were to add more color to this poem you will surely find more relief. There is something about placing our emotions into words that paint pictures and using symbolism that allows us to release any bottled-up feelings.

A very well thought out line in this poem is when you said you were "making the guiltless guilty". Here you were able to capture a wide array of feelings and events that may have occurred in not only your life, but of thousands of others as well!

When you say that the Lord passed through your anger and spoke is another example of where you might add imagery to your poem.

How do you think you could reword that line in order to paint a picture-- a picture that shows exactly what you mean when you say Satan got the best of you and the Lord passed through your anger?


To be honest I wrote this after a kind of spiritual fall and it was the first of its kind I ever wrote and it sort of started a series or rather it really expanded my writing style and I started concentrating on just writing what I think and how I feel rather than trying too hard to be rhymey or clever, I just basically took the back seat and let God lead me you know? And to be honest this is a kind of prayer even though as I was writing it I hadn't intended it to be but eventually as I wrote it it gave me consolation and I just had to thank God! (:

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