The screams and yells bursting out of you

Tears pouring out,

Escaping the river of your burning eyes

The confusion

Traumatizing your mind

While everything goes blind and blank


Thud, Thud

Running through the black room

Of endless screams

Endless shouts

Endles anger


Its gonna be fine, you tell yourself

But its never ending

Your breathing is uncontrollable

Your fists are clenched, full of anger

Your face, beat read, and hot

Your eyes, blood shot red

With the hot firing lava tears

Drop, drop,

More like a thud hitting the ground, tipping you over

The tears are pouring endlessly out of the volcanoe




You try to escape

But there's no way out

No way out of this disasterours cage we call earth

What we called the world

What we call our home

But is that what it really is?

What ever is being controlled by this mad wizard wiz,

I've had enough,

Of this stupid bluff

But i commit to always stay tough,










...Wow are you sure you're just a seventh grader


lol, ya im sure

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