Angel's Song


There is no path to Heaven

South of No North

And San Fran

Is just a Red Iron Bridge

Between dreams and gold

There is no way to Hell

At the West of the West

And the Eastern Desert

Is just a dry empty place

Between salt tears and the Ocean


My Californian Angel!

There is no real beginning

And no real ends

Fine line keeps on going

In harmonic balance

Of our secret lives

Hidden in our Minds


A Sense of Wonder

Make me haunted

Make me mesmerized

By the Strings of Time

That you find accidentally

On the Edge

Of my impractical dreams


Who are you really?

Hidden power of My Mind

Wild dance in my Fire

It seems that all of Karma

Is coming back to me

Same as tragedies of endless Wars

And Silence of love and lust

The thing is

I don’t believe in Angels,

Not in this lifetime


September 17, 2017

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