An angel named Joe

one word to describe
a euphoria
an infinity
of pleasure
and defiance
against a tasteless
The river that flows
steam like hot lava
from the volcanoes of the tropics
bittersweet drug
intoxicating the soul
and giving the body
the original high
it's as addictive as the cigarette is
to the common asshole
and as pure
as the heart of a child
before they are abused by society
and awakened
much like the awakening
after a sip of heaven
a blend of history
1000 years in the making
front the ground and the skies
the little taste of heaven
after an ordinary sip of Joe
Sounds like lies
typical capitalist bullshit
but its true
the caffeine that runs through the veins of a person who can't stand another day of hell
and would pay any amount
to find an escape
at the bottom of a papercup

This poem is about: 
Our world


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