An angel named Annie and a girl named Princess.

She said that she’s done. 
She said that she was tired of trying to be kind to everyone.
Tired of having her eyes hurt as if she was kidnapped by a man that made her stare at the sun.
Mad because she trusted a snake that said he’d never bite her and he left her with not a place to run. 
The whole species of reptiles are dead to her now, he had no intention to cherish the gold he found so she decided to heal her own wounds and rebuild her sanctuary from the ground. 
Heavy on her mind. Even heavier on her heart she still cared for the snake that she knew would be deceiving from the start. Then he found her and of course she was a mute because she knew that he thought she was cute.
She didn’t know what to say as she stood there to contemplate if her face wore shame. Being bitten by a toxic gummy worm she moved along without giving away her name. 
Growing everyday without love or companionship left her with questions about her fate. 
“Will I die without having a proper first date? Maybe it’s my home. Maybe I should move out of my favorite state”
A young, beautiful, smarty pants who was also a damsel in distress started fleeing sight of every other snake she met. He looked and searched for this figure he’d thought he’d met. He thought to himself “So beautiful, so rare, I could never catch she’s probably on her private jet”
In reality she looked so hard to get and he began to turn away with a loss of hope saying “Man I don’t even know her name yet”
An Angel must have heard him, she must have received the far away blessing from the woman that birthed him.
A woman in a coffee shop saw him and she put her foot out so that he would stop. Dressed in all white, head to toe, with white roses in her hand that she needed placed on a shelf at the very top.
Understanding this, he simply grabbed the pot and the flower shop lady began her plot. 
“If the wind shall blow them over by the seventh hour she’ll be back. If your eyes are not liars and you seek her beauty as I seek water for my flowers meet her her acquaintance in 24 hours” 
Then there was fear “I don’t know her name, what if she runs away from me again, where would I go I wouldn’t know if she’d be there or here” 
The flower shop owner twirled in her gown that had beautiful fabrics and began to recite more of her catchy tones
“The magic was already done. You my brown eyed, dark skinned friend have already won. You follow the bricks that are ignited by the moonlight or the ones that have been burned by the sun and listen for my song that we’ve sung.”She kept twirling in a step by step motion and then he lost sight of her dress. He was so overwhelmed with the magical actions he was left behind to stand in the depth of his mess. Then he caught a farewell of her; a photo stood in the flower shop window and he could hear the lovely melody-carrying voice when the wind blowed. 
She said “Don’t you stress, don’t you fret, you are the one I send to my girl with bandages. You take care of granny’s baby and your wings shall be golden; nothing less. I almost forgot sweetheart; I am Flower Shop Annie and Her name is Princess” An angel named Annie and A girl named Princess by GhettoCovergirl

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