Angel of the Fallen

Through life i've fallen deep into my pain and suffering

I try so hard but im never free

I choose a path but they all seem wrong to me why live instead of being free

I've wished so many times to be able to spread my wings and fly but

my wings tainted in the darkness that i breathe

wings of white turned black from the lack of love presented so much in my life

It is said that in death life blooms but pain grows heavy everytime it's locked away 

no love given fear shown 

pain brought on by the love you never won

crying tears of blood trying to fight a war never won your just losing everyone

to a fight that can never be undone

I know no love so i don't love 

a broken shell of what once was

lost in a pool of black soul tainted

fallen into the arms of Lucifer

now i stand by his side wings of black with dead eyes I've become the thing others fear

The Angel of the Fallen 

now im finally free finally me

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