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In the past semester,
I’ve learned and experienced,
Valuable things.

I met someone.
A man of 23 years at a club,
When I was 18.

He and I clicked,
First we ran together,
Then he fell behind

I fell in love with him after 4 months,
He didn’t quite catch up.
We split but still talk.

I still love him.
He opened my eyes wide,
Made me understand and see.

I had been missing so much,
Closing my heart and locking it shut.
He taught me to feel and be vulnerable.

I learned a life lesson,
I gave so much to him.
I have no regrets.

I know now something,
To be vulnerable is to be alive.
To love is to leap and be open

And so I thank him,
And the power that meshed us together.
Even if we were short lived.




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