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We’re waiting for Armageddon
We don’t make an effort anymore
To see lives wasting away
People of great potential
Lost in doubt of a future
Who think they know “the way”
When in reality, there might not be any path at all.

Can any single person make Change their calling?
Many have chosen to dedicate themselves to others’ lives
Changing the world they’ve seen wrong, but wanting to be right
I’ve humbly accepted the challenge that wasn’t given to me
I’ve courageously accepted an unknown life for an unknown goal.

The last people to trust are those who are sure of the future.
They stop searching for answers, for solutions.
Doubting, skepticism are virtues.
They lack arrogance and are signs of honesty,
Character and integrity.

I hate politicians, and for that reason, I want to be one.
Reform starts from within a system
I’m not passionate about creating a successful future,
A life with too much money
I want to live comfortably, to assign a life
That brews my intellectual potential.
And to reform the world
Where human capital isn’t wasted
Working Pennies an hour for something we’ll throw out too soon.

Give us all a front porch and leisure.
Time that Stirs conversation
And grants us
Ideas capable of reaching Andromeda.


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