Etymologically speaking, a human-like device

Metaphorically speaking, how you look in my eyes

Ice-cold and lifeless with a human form

The cause of my pain and why I'm forlorn

You shed crocodile tears and your smile's a ruse

Of all of the people, I had to choose you

Flowers, a gift for our anniversary

They're what I gave but not what you received

You took them as weeds with an ugly effect

If I stay with you, it'll be the cause of my death

Don't tell me you love me 'cause that's a cliché

One statement like that and there will be hell to pay

Don't tell me I'm crazy 'cause you're one to talk

Just tell it to your stupid pet rock

Don't tell me I'm rude or making a mistake

When you have no heart, what can I break?


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