And this is your Revolution?

Pepper spray


Screaming people

Young PeOpLE carrying stones


SMASH the Police cars

DESTROY the authority


But don’t you realize?

People. Are. Dying.

It doesn’t matter if you are white, black or blue.

Blood. IS. Blood.

And you are spilling too much


Do you want to be the one?

Who explains to a crying child?

That his brother is never coming home?

Or tell a worried Aunt?

That her nieces don’t ever get to see their dad?


You. Are. Destroying. Lives.


but we are the people

we are making the change

showing that we matter

the only way they will listen

if if we are loud

smashed cars get us on the news

so people hear our side

our lives matter

there needs to be changes

we are making them change


But. Listen.

Stop the destruction

This is not how you Fix The Problem

Find. A. Better. Way.


When the pavement. Is.

sparkled with broken glass

And Fires Burn The Buildings

All. That. Is. Left. Is. Smoke.

And this is your fucking REVOLUTION?  

This poem is about: 
My country



This was something that came out of my reading the news a while back.  

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