And You Can Overcome Fear

Fears, they’re all around

Engulfing us

Holding us to the ground

Enveloping us


Different individuals, different fears

But we must overcome them

Spiders, clowns, and heights

Aging, failure, and death

Pain, heartbreaks, and the unknown

Each one of us has a fear


But we must overcome them

We must not allow them to gain control

Over 300 times, the Bible says, “Fear not”

“Do not be afraid” God tells his children


My fear: public speaking

For the longest time it was public speaking

Speeches were terrifying, petrifying

I suffered stage fright  


But I overcame it

Little by little

Bit by bit

With time

I overcame that fear


I improved and strengthened that weakness

I practiced in front of the mirror

I volunteered to read out loud in class

I became a lector at church

And I overcame my fear


I learned that fears can vanish

If you work to better yourself

If you work to erase your fears

You can overcome those obstacles

Fear is simply another obstacle


No need to fret

You can overcome your fears


Keep at it

And you can overcome them


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