With and Without


For the most part I am #nofilter,

Only filter I have is the one on my choosing of words,

Held back by a smile so white you’d think I get my teeth bleach.

I am that one dark skin girl,

With curly hair and a face soft to the touch.

Seemingly confident, strong, friendly and proper.

But the camera and the world have some disagreements.

In the eye of the camera, the color of my skin is not the same and one

But it is what makes me, me.

My smile is not the most graceful but it’s a conversation starter.

My hair is always a mess, no doubt about that.

And I do try my best to remain proper and cunning in everything I do, besides the fact I am not as confident as I seem.

Without photos and filters, I am still Adaysha, that one goofy athletic girl who gets involved in every activity possible.


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