And what color from within


22220 N. 36th St. Phoenix, Az
United States
33° 41' 19.68" N, 112° 0' 15.048" W
And what color from within can last upon her fair toned skin
How can she last a day longer
Can she follow the pattern of the wave
Or stay on a stranded single path

One day to find peace
In a meadow she’ll be
Flowers kissing her cheek
Sun will raise a smile and the clouds will raise shade

One day to find happiness
on a beach she will stay
leaving everything astray, only herself
Complicated thoughts, level to fair
All that is left behind, is gone
One day to find freedom
She will find herself in the open
with water and snow
where life grows and inspires other growth
In the mountains, on a prairie
in a cabin, wherever necessary

To find perfection
she has disappeared


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