And Through Others My Voice Emerges: A Piecemeal Poem of Song Lyrics

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 13:59 -- bfuller

In the middle of the night

I said let us die to make men free.

You  think you’ve lost the fight

But you still don’t like to leave

Before the end of the movie.

But careful child,

I fell hard.


Let’s conspire to ignite

All the souls that would die

Light the fuse and get away.

My voice will carry on

Look at all the lonely people,

People you love, a child

And a prince,

And a baker

All I can give you is all my love


Silence tells us everything

People you love will turn their back on you.

I just sit in these flames and pray.

I can only change who I am so much,

My voice will carry on.


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