And To Think it All Started with Doing the Dishes

Washing dishes was my favorite chore;

the soap and hot water warmed me to the core.

I would sit there all night and scrub all clean

any dishes I could find till they were all shiny sheen.


I poured soap in the sink, turned the water on high

and then for a moment, I rested my eyes.

Then the moment was over and to my surprise

the bubbles stretched outwards and up toward the sky.


For a moment I panicked; the room was a mess!

I just wanted to do dishes, no more and no less!

Then the thought dawned that made my heart sing:

bubbles were just soap, and soap cleaned things.



So I found my smile and my eyes grew bright,

and I tossed the bubbles everywhere in sight.

they covered the carpet, and clung to the walls

but i was not in trouble-- and that was best of all!


My neighbors came over to see what was the deal.

Their eyes grew wide, and they started to squeal.

So I made a [clean]mess and two new friends--

and that is how it all began.


Room grew to house, and house grew to home--

take it or leave it, but it was second to none.

Friends laughed and cried and got pretty scared too

within the sacred walls of Hruby two-zero-two.


It's where johnny and i sat cross-legged on the floor,

where I shared my day, my heart, and more.

Where all were welcome and all could stay

for a month, for a week, for the night, or a day.


Where Niki and i became best friends true,

sharing our secrets and latest news.

It's where i spilled to Miss Kalee, all of my tears

and grew to trust her to chase away fears.


Where i learned to stitch teddy's, to fix broken thumbs,

and pulling all-nighters too often was dumb.

Where I did my first pull-up and baked my first cake

and learned unattended microwaves are a big mistake.


So what do you mean, "Am i ready to go?"

I mean, my bags are all packed, but I'm not sure I know

how to leave behind the memories of the first place

I took care of my own, just a tiny 'me' space.


So I'll close the door and hold the key

in my palm for a second longer than really need be,

just to know it was here, remember it was real,

and will live in my heart until memory steals.


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