And So It Begins

And so it begins.

My love for him I claimed I’d never have,

His face is beyond beauty,

The taste of cigarettes as he kisses me.

The way his hands caress every insecurity I’ve ever had,

The way his eyes focus on the road, leaned back in his seat,

The truck he drives, silent and heavy on the road,

His humor that lights up my day,

The way he claims me before anyone else can,

The jealousy that I can hear deep in his voice.


I can’t be in love, it is false.

He tells me he could never fall for a being like me,

He has no emotions,

He cried as a child, but now no longer,

He isn’t falling,

He isn’t down,

He isn’t around my fingers,

He barely makes a sound.


He’s tripping over her,

Someone I thought he forgot about,

He said he was unhappy,

So I just took his word,


He’s not in love.

He’s not mine.


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