In And Out The Box

Maybe if I'd write more...

No, maybe if I'd write a little more,

my words would come alive across the page

before my ink swarmed the page.

They'd become reality,

to me,

and those who lived amongst this world outside the box.


A box,

that keeps them caged in,

and leaves us out.

I thought outside the box never to be let back in.

My creativity and passion

didn't belong within their haven so neither did I.


But is that just all I am?

A person,

outside the box,

who is plagued with the longing to be in?

Such is a sin

to crave what I'm depraved.

Such is a curse,

never to be immersed in the world of inside thinkers. 


But maybe

those outside the those outside the box shall form our own box.

One outside of those whom are in.

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Our world
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