And It's Just Me

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 17:19 -- cramat

And it's just me

Laying on my chest, laying on a patch of grass

I glance around to find scorches earth

The comradery is a memory now

My friends are a memory now

The weight on my back is a nation

The clothes on my back have lost their designation

All that's left is a man

And it's just me

They're coming for me

Reapers clad in their black robes

With scythes to their cheeks

Barking like dogs

Screaming like sirens

Excited to dissect me for any weakness

So they can squeeze it

Make a bubble of my faults

Then watch it burst

And watch me burst

How does it help them smile?

They are coming for me

But they will never meet me

They won't have the satisfaction of my bleeding

They won't approach to find me kneeling

For I claim this patch of grass

I'll make a monument to the friends that were

And they will come to cause it decay

And they will comes to shatter a man

But they will find a statue

Staring them down through the arrow of a bow

With the words "fight, for your life" carved in It

And It's just me


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