And I'm Dreamin'

Tue, 05/06/2014 - 15:27 -- Tymoni

See, in my thoughts I am reminiscing within my intuition

about the day I came to know who I was.

It had to be the day push turned into shove when I shoved failure

Out of my mind and realized that I must be missing the reason

I need to succeed.

See, I’m thinking I am silly,

‘cause I could’ve sworn that my success was about me.

But it couldn’t be because my roots won’t allow me to be selfish.

So regardless of how I may feel I must be selfless.

Or so …. my cerebral cortex tells me.

But my temporal lobe is overtaking my rationale cause see I feel like

I can become a singer or a poet and an artist on the side,

Rather than sit next to my mama in church and

Believe that what I want to do is a part of Lucifer’s lies.

Right now in my mind there is a fight about what I want

And what I need.

See, I keep thinking I am silly.

My thoughts mesh with my feelings, Or

Rather my heart meshes with my mind.

And success happens to be the topic of discussion

I’m not rushing, but I aint believing that I gotta sacrifice myself

Just to be achieving.. my or our goals.

‘Cause see? If I happen to succeed then my family

Happens to believe that regardless of how hard they say the concrete is

It softens up just for my feet

Believe me when I say that my bitter.....

Never tasted so sweet



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