And I Think

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 23:44 -- ar.h15


A drop of melatonin

sears a canyon of sleep

through my cluttered mind

and its thoughtless curves.


No longer can I think.

No more can I stay awake.


Sleep takes hold of me

and my thoughts drift away

and nothingness takes their place.

But when I sleep, I dream:


Thought begins again.

My consciousness begins anew.


But still there is nothingness

despite my self-evident consciousness.

The room is entirely dark,

but I remain entirely aware.


The spark lights up.

The light sweeps across the space.


Now nothingness gives way

to anything and everything

that I could ever dream of seeing.

That anyone could ever dream of seeing.


And I am suddenly awake.

Awake in the figurative sense, of course.


What I see directly ahead

and surrounding my consciousness

is the whole of thought.

The whole of my thought.


I realize thought is necessary.

I realize thought is beautiful.

I am a part of something beautiful.

We are all a part of something beautiful.


And I am suddenly awake.

Awake in the literal sense, of course.


And I think.


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