And I Am of Her

Sat, 11/09/2013 - 15:52 -- 'Reese

She is a goddess.


With the smoothest cocoa skin and eyes that sparkle

like the Sun at its zenith.

A queen.

Her crown aglow with the glory of her pride and the powerful

stride in her feet.

A dancer.

Mesmerizing is the tantalizing motion of her hips

as it envelops her audience in an ocean of emotion.

A lover.

Carrying a heart that yearns to fuse her numbered days with the

infinite love of another.

A mother.

Who would put her life on the front line for the

fruit she bore to see the fruits of her labor.

A warrior.

Who's felt the earth beneath her soaked with 

the blood of her people at the hand of the enemy. 


She is my history.

She is my ancestry.

She is my beloved West Africa.

And I am of her many, many children.


... And I am of her.


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