Up And Coming


If this up and coming where will we be going? 

What once considered  trash is now  treasure,

But this is our treasure that they labled trash.

They called us dangerous and kept their children from us.

Our influences were too strong,

Our lives were frowned upon,

But now this place is great to raise  the children.

Oh you hear them say 'this place is up and coming"

Now they are coming to take are garbage and make it gold , 

To take our homes and send us running,

From food we can no longer afford,

And beds that we can not rest our worried heads on

Our bodlies mold these wooden floors,

but they say "this room has character, it's charming, I'll take it! 

But they take it from us ,the broken soul,

Where do we all go once you come?

And you will come for this place is up and coming. 


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