Before and After

Look at me.
My broken ribs
My broken heart
My broken skull
My broken pelvis and legs
Do you feel any better
seeing me lying there next to my baby?
Chase is watching her for me
while I scream in pain as the
nurse tries to aid my ribs
I did not see what you did to me coming
At least you didn't hurt her
Hurt me
Not her
Not my baby girl
Chase came today
Kissed me.
He loves me after and before.
Doesn't hit me like
you did, Dad.
My boyfriend loves me before
and after I had her.
You loved me before.
You hate me after
She has his nose and
my eyes.
Don't even visit
me in my hospital room
It'll kill me
like you haven't already
Just leave me alone
You broke my body
and emotions
but Chase mends them
with love you never gave.



Beautiful :)

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