Ancient Again

She was her usual

waddling up the stairs

strides as crooked as the rest of her

ambling with coffeecup in hand

swishing and swooshing the contents

though lightly enough so as it wouldn't spill


She sat down

as if she would reside there forever

took out a pen and ledger

and feigned such intensity

looking down at the paper

so as her face would not be noticed

every so often

she crinkled her papers

and stole a sip from her mug of ice


She is such a shy thing

and it's unfortunate considering

how much she seems to have to say

and how loudly she tends to talk

when she makes herself believe

no one is there to listen

but they are there to hear her

and that scares her

to the point where she has become ancient again



Really fantastic poem.  Very descriptive and I felt like I was hearing what the voice in your head would say.  Nicely done!


Your mind is in control.

Just pick one day,

Set your heart free.

Do what you please.

Make that the day when

You don't have to steal

Or hide, because

What will they do to you

If they see?

Is it really terrible enough

To cage yourself

And not look up at the world

For fear of it looking back at you?

The human heart

Needs a little freedom

Once in a while.

Try it.

They can't stop you.


Very powerful I think you have a nice writing styles


this is accurate. fantastic.

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