Analysis of a Dancer

Evidently, I did not fit in amongst the rest, after all this audition was but a large test

As I walked into the studio that brisk fall night, I felt my heart begin to take flight

After a year of practicing and training, my time has come

I entered the studio room without any sense of glum

It was a night dedicated to dancing, eyes watching me

Yet I could not ignore these women as they judged me

Examining each of my movements, looking for just one flaw

I laugh lightheartedly in their faces, as their eyes begin to fill with awe

Though my technique is not perfect, they cannot dismiss me

For my love of dance was clear to thee

A year of hard work, the time has come, finally my dance was done

Just a few weeks later, satin pointe shoes in hand, I earned the respect I was once afraid to demand


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